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TBA Tennessee State Music List

Below are links to the latest TBA Graded Music list.  Thanks to Mark Kinzer for all of his hard work in keeping this list maintained.

Approved List

Works already on the list cannot be re-graded by individual associations.

To submit recommended changes to works currently listed:

complete the Google Form
You will need the following information to complete the form:
Title of the work exactly as it appears in the list;
Composer’s name, Last and First
Arranger’s name if applicable
Your rationale for change or removal from the list
Links to PDF copies of the score and reference recording

If you can’t find a pdf copy of the score online (JWPepper and other online dealers often have review copies) scan the score, store it in a Google Drive, Dropbox or other Cloud storage, and include a link to that file.

Only submissions that have complete information will be accepted.

Tennessee Bandmasters CPA Forms




Solo & Ensemble Forms

Solo-Adjudication-Form Winds & Percussion

Ensemble-Adjudication-Form Winds & Percussion



 TBA Honors Recital