Sweepstakes Awards are presented just prior to the TBA Hall of Fame Concert during the TMEA State Professional Development Conference.

The Tennessee Bandmasters Association presents the Sweepstakes Award to TBA members whose bands have met the following criteria during the previous school year:

High School Bands: A Superior rating is required in Marching, Concert, and Sight-reading. Band programs with more than one performing ensemble must receive superior ratings for the top ensemble in order to be eligible for the Sweepstakes Award. Only a Superior Award earned in a competition using the TBA Marching Band Evaluation System can be cited as a qualification for the Sweepstakes Award.

If a high school does not have a marching band, then the middle school criteria applies.

Middle School Bands: A Superior rating is required in concert and sight-reading. Additionally, 50% of the band’s enrollment must participate in the regional solo and ensemble performance assessment, with 50% of those participating receiving a superior rating.

Only events sponsored by the regional associations (WTSBOA, MTSBOA, ETSBOA) are acceptable for qualifying for this award. If a regional association does not sponsor one of these events, a privately sponsored event may be substituted.

Registration ended Friday, February 25, 2022.

In lieu of your principal’s signature on a paper document, your principal must send the following from his/her school email account  to TBA Awards Chair David Chipman.

I attest that the [school name] band program meets all qualifications for the TBA Sweepstakes Award as set forth by the Tennessee Bandmasters Association.

[Principal’s Name] Principal
[school name]

Be sure to insert the appropriate information specific to your school in the [bracketed spaces]

This information also appears in the Google Form.

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