Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Why Join the Tennessee Bandmasters Association?

  • Elevate your program: TBA provides professional development and support for directors, helping you build thriving band programs.
  • Unify your curriculum: Consistent adjudication standards and assessment scoring ensure a more unified curriculum across Tennessee.
  • Celebrate success: TBA recognizes and celebrates student and director achievements through awards, recitals, and Hall of Fame inductions.c
  • Network and grow: Connect with fellow directors, share best practices, and contribute to the future of band in Tennessee.

Who is eligible to join the Tennessee Bandmaster’s Association?

TBA encourages all active Band Directors in Tennessee to join our association.  Membership is also available for retired Directors as well as every TBA Hall of Fame recipient.

How to join the Tennessee Bandmasters Association?

Membership dues can be submitted to your Regional Association during the yearly registration process OR you can contact TBA Secretary:  Dr. Carol Chipman for more info about how to register.