About Us

The Tennessee Bandmasters Association represents Tennessee’s Band programs, Directors and their students providing the unique outreach of instructional support, performance opportunities and administrative assistance to enhance the classroom of instrumental Band instruction.

Our Mission

About Us

Since 1974, the Tennessee Bandmasters Association has served as “the” Band association in the great state of Tennessee.  Representing all Band programs across the three Grand Regions of our state, TBA maintains itself as the ears for advancement and the voice of progress.  In partnership with TnMEA, Tennessee Bandmasters develops and executes unique Band specific opportunities for Directors and their many students that surpasses standard curricula.  Developing activities and requisite performance-feedback based on current national trends, Tennessee Bandmasters Association serves as a resource and standardization of Band instruction throughout Tennessee.  TBA is dedicated to the many Directors across the state and provides Professional Development and mentorship outreach for the advancement of healthy teachers and highly-successful classrooms.


Who is eligible for Tennessee Bandmasters Association?

Tennessee Bandmasters Association encourages all active Band Directors in Tennessee to join our passion.  Membership is also available for retired Directors as well as every TBA Hall of Fame recipient.

How to Join Tennessee Bandmasters?

Joining our team is easy.  Contacting the TBA representative in your Regional Association is the most streamlined method to make your difference.  Membership dues can be submitted to your Regional Association during the yearly registration process OR you can simply contact TBA Secretary:  Dr. Carol Chipman drcarol08@bellsouth.net for more info and registration.  It’s easy to join our team and as you do you will have a seat at our roundtable for a better music education of all students.

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